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Coving-Boxing Problem

This is not a general rant against builders! There are some excellent builders around who do a really professional job and take a lot of pride in their work. I'm delighted to have worked with some of them. But on this particular job I was meant to be decorating after a builder (who, let's just say, didn't quite fit into the "excellent and professional" category) had supposedly finished.

This is just one small example of what I had to deal with, which is why the prep on this job took longer than the actual painting. He'd boxed some central heating pipes in to hide them. He'd also put new coving up round the ceiling (much of which I had to take down and re-do, but anyway). Both of these are good things to do. The problem was, he wasn't sure quite what to do when the two elements came together. Or rather, where they were meant to come together. So he just left it...

Now, there's no simple solution to magically make this look beautiful. It takes time and effort, some offcuts of coving, some filler, a bit of elbow grease and a fair amount of patience. And while the finished result isn't 100% perfect, it's pretty close. and certainly a lot closer than where we started from!


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