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Terms & Conditions

  1. Scope of the Estimate(s)/Quotation(s)
    • Any estimate(s)/quotation(s) is/are valid for 30 days from the date of issue, or until the date specified, whichever is later. This is due to increasing costs of materials over time. Assumptions will have been made in the preparation of these documents as to what materials will be used - changes in these specifications may result in changes to the final price.
    • Every effort has been made to provide quotation(s)/estimate(s) that are as accurate as possible. However there are occasionally unforeseen problems that will need to be addressed, which only come to light after the work has commenced, for example poor wall condition found underneath wallpaper that has been removed. In such a situation I will discuss all options and additional costs with you before proceeding. If necessary I may be able to recommend other tradespeople such as plasterers to you on a no obligation basis to help remedy these situations.
    • Any works not specifically detailed in the quotation(s)/estimate(s) are not included in the price, and (if carried out) will be charged as extra.
    • If the decorating work forms part of an overall larger project involving multiple trades, I will not be held responsible for any damage caused as a result of their actions. Should any such damage occur I will happily provide a no obligation quotation to repair or touch up the damage, but it will be your responsibility to pursue the person or persons who caused the damage for recompense.
  2. Supply of Materials
    • Any items purchased specifically for your project will be charged in full, even if the project is cancelled before commencement or completion.
    • I am happy to purchase paint (and other materials) for the project, and will use my experience to select the product which I feel will give the best result within the available budget. If you source your own products (or instruct me to purchase or use a product which I have not recommended), additional labour charges may be incurred for applying extra coats to achieve satisfactory coverage.
    • Unlike paint, wallpaper is usually purchased by the customer. However, I am happy to purchase it, provided I receive all the necessary information to enable me to do so (manufacturer, pattern name, colour and reference number - and batch number if applicable).
    • Please note that most wallpaper manufacturers (and decorators) recommend cross-lining the walls with lining paper prior to wallpapering. While this is not included in the attached quotation(s)/estimate(s), I am happy to carry out this work at extra cost.
  3. Site Preparation
    • Prior to commencement of the work, all working areas must be cleared as much as possible to allow an unhampered working environment. While I do have suitable insurance, I would much rather items were removed from the room than have to make an insurance claim for any damage. Smaller items and breakables should be boxed and removed completely. Where possible, please remove smaller furniture to another room also. I am happy to help move larger items of furniture that cannot be removed prior to my arrival, but please note that my insurance does not cover this (so any damages would be at your risk/cost), and unless stated otherwise my estimate(s)/quotation(s) do not allow time for moving your possessions, so any time needed for this would be charged as an extra. Any larger items of furniture that cannot be removed will be covered up to the best of my ability, along with your existing floor covering and immovable objects such as kitchen units or built-in wardrobes.
    • In most cases painting and wallpapering can be carried out without the need to remove radiators. I you decide that you would like them removed in order to achieve a better standard of finish, please arrange for a plumber to remove them before commencement of the decorating work, and replace them afterwards. I am not qualified or insured for plumbing work.
  4. Payment
    • For most small projects I do not usually ask for a deposit. However, for larger projects (beyond two weeks) or where significant outlay on materials (exceeding £200) is required, a partial up-front payment, and/or interim payment(s), may be required - in such instances I will of course discuss and agree this with you beforehand. Any deposit or interim payment(s) would of course be deducted from the final invoice.
    • Payment will be requested upon completion of the work and presentation of a final invoice. Please make every effort to pay the invoice in full within two weeks of receipt. Bank transfer, cash or cheque are all acceptable.
  5. Timings/Start Date
    • A start date is usually agreed with you upon acceptance of the quotation(s)/estimate(s). However, occasionally there may be circumstances outside my control (such as the weather, illness, delays on previous jobs or delays caused by other tradespeople) that prevent me from getting to you by the agreed date. In such an event, I will contact you immediately to make you aware and to agree a revised date.
    • All exterior work is booked on the assumption that the weather conditions will be suitable on the agreed date(s). However, if the weather conditions are not suitable, work will be rearranged for the earliest possible/available date.
  6. Promotion/Advertising
    • In many cases I am keen to take before and after photos of the rooms I have decorated, for use on my web site, social media and other promotional platforms. These are always used anonymously without reference to the customer's name or address. If you would prefer me not to use such photographs of your property, please advise me accordingly.