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There's so much that can be said about colour, the way it works in different lights, the way it makes us feel. Different colours can create different moods in different rooms. Colours come and go, in and out of fashion...

Rather than try to write all my thoughts on the subject in one never-ending paragraph, guaranteed to send every reader to sleep, I'll add my thoughts about colours and so on to my occasional blog and add to it as and when I get time.

I also regularly post images or swatches of colours I've been using on my Facebook page.


As soon as I started writing this page I knew it was a mistake! 

Once I started writing about colours and colour schemes, I just didn't know where or when to stop. It's a subject which fascinates me, and one I could talk about all day. So rather than write a web page that will go on and on forever, and become too long to read and too big to navigate, I'm going to break the subject up into occasional blogs, and just add new thoughts and ideas as and when I feel particularly inspired to do so (see left).


Don't ask me what my favourite colour is! It's like asking me what my favourite song is. It changes from one day to the next, varies with my mood, where I am, who I'm with... And a lot of it is about personal taste, so what I love may not be to your taste. And what I'd choose in my dining room might be completely different to what you'd want in your bedroom. There is no "right or wrong" when it comes to colour, but I'm more than happy to have a conversation with you about what might work in a particular room, based on the feel you are trying to achieve, the lighting, etc.

Having said that. I'm happy to share what some of my favourite colours are at the moment.

When I first wrote this page back in 2015, I'd just finished painting a "two tone" hall, stairs and landing,  The customer wanted "warm, neutral tones" (I'm sure I'll end up writing several blogs on the subject of neutrals in the not-too-distant future).  I suggested a few options, and the two colours she chose worked really well together:

Another colour I enjoyed using a lot around that time was another pale, warm neutral:

Although it's very pale, when you see it against a white ceiling or white woodwork it's clearly not an "off-white"; it actually has a slight violet tinge to it, so it can go warm or cold depending on the other furnishings in the room. So it's a very versatile neutral colour that won't dominate, even in a small room.

More recently, I've used a lot of Farrow & Ball colours, which are very popular at the moment.

My top 3 most popular neutrals from them would probably be these: