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Dining Rooms

To be honest I wasn't sure whether or not to have a separate page for Dining Room photos and ideas - in many modern houses the dining room is part of the "lounge-diner" or the "kitchen-diner", and isn't really a separate space.  But there are plenty of houses that do have separate dining rooms; some purely for entertaining, where a darker, more sophisticated colour scheme may work well, and others are family rooms that are light and airy and just fun family spaces. Others are somewhere in-between.

Photos - Dining Rooms

A couple of examples of very different dining rooms that I have decorated over the years.

If I remember correctly, this was one of the first rooms I painted not long after I started my business, and it's still one of my favourites!  There's something about the colour scheme of combining cream with duck egg that somehow manages to feel both fresh and calming. All the natural wood adds to the calm, natural atmosphere, as does the view out to the garden.  It's an extremely peaceful room, if that makes sense, and therefore perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

This is one of those "a bit of both" dining rooms; a family space during the days, and an entertaining space in the evenings/weekends. And quite a transformation too!  The blue for the walls was chosen to go with the blue tiles in the fireplace, but the black fireplace itself was felt to be too strong a contrast with the pale grey walls, so it was painted mid-grey to "tone it down", and the little wooden cabinet/bookshelf was then painted to match.