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I don't do a lot of bathrooms - many modern bathrooms are tiled floor to ceiling these days, so there isn't a lot of painting needed!

If you're starting from scratch and fitting a new bathroom suite etc, then to some extent you have a "blank canvas". In this situation it's good to get the various contractors to talk and plan out in advance who is doing what, at what time, and in what order.

I'm not a tiler. I can do tiling, and have done a few bathrooms over the years which I'm quite proud of (see photos, right). But I'm probably not as good as someone who does nothing but tiling all day, every day. I'm happy to have a go, especially on relatively straightforward jobs, but I'm equally happy if you want to get a tiler in for the job, and just leave the painting to me.

From a design point of view, it's important to think about the type of atmosphere you want to create, as well as considering many important practical factors. Obviously, it's vital that surfaces are protected from water, which is why tiling large areas of walls and floors has become so popular, and why wallpaper is less of a good idea in most cases (because the steam in the bathroom loosens the wallpaper adhesive). Lino of course remains a popular option for the floor. From a "look and feel" perspective, are you trying to create a relaxing spa environment, or a clean, practical family bathroom? As well as colours for tiles an paint, lighting could also have an important bearing on the final feel, so I'd recommend thinking that through carefully before starting on the project.



When everything else is white, the one colour you use is really going to stand out! In the case of this bathroom, it's Crown Trade Mid-Sheen "Soft Duck Egg".


Citrus colours are fresh, natural, inspiring, energizing and invigorating. If you stumble bleary-eyed into the shower in the morning to wake yourself up, a splash of citrus may be something to consider.

In this case I worked with a local plumber who fitted the suite, and I did the tiling and painting. The customer wanted one wall to be painted to pick out the colour of the feature tiles, while the other painted walls matched the plainer neutral tiles. She then accessorised the room with citrus-coloured towels, mats etc.

In this instance the customer wanted me to use border tiles to create a "frame" for her favourite mirror, to make it a real "focal point" in the room.


This was part of a total makeover for a rental property. Practicality and budget therefore played a big part in the project, but I think it was also a huge improvement aesthetically as well.