Why couldn't I find you on "Check-a-trade", "Trust-a-Trader", "The Little Green Book", etc?

The reason is simply financial. What a lot of people don't realise is that most of the so-called "trusted recommendation" web sites are basically another form of paid advertising. It's not at all unusual for them to charge in the region of £700 per year for your name to appear in their directory. If I put my business in three or four of those, I'd be spending close to a month's income each year. That's fine for the bigger firms who have budgets for that sort of thing, but for me it simply isn't viable.

Additionally, while they position themselves as "independent trustworthy guides" for people, once you realise that all the listings are paid for I question just how independent and trustworthy they really are. To get a great profile on one of those sites all I need is £700 and a few recommendation letters I get my friends to email in...

As a result, I get most of my business from real recommendations - either from peole who have used my services recommending me to their friends and neighbours, or simply from the same people booking me again and again over time.

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