Halls & Landings

It may seem like an odd place to start, but it's often the first thing people see in your home, so if you want to make a good first impression, this is where to start!

Having said that, decorating the hall, stairs and landing can be one of the most expensive decorating jobs, not because of the surface area of the walls, but because of the amount of woodwork involved - rubbing down and applying two coats of paint to all the doors and door frames can be the most time consuming part of painting a house, and if you add spindles, bannisters, and so on into the mix, it's a big investment. Not as much as a new kitchen or bathroom of course, but certainly one of the more expensive rooms when it comes to purely decorating.

Despite the fact that most of the photos here show wallpaper, I often don't recommend hanging wallpaper in "high traffic" areas, because of the risk of danage to the paper as people brush against it. If you have a lot of people coming in and out, children or dogs (or any other regular guests who are likely to make a bit of a mess of your walls), I would usually recommend a hard-wearing paint which will withstand regular cleaning, such as a durable acrylic matt or eggshell.

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